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The Samruddha Bharat Foundation (SBF) strives to forge a resurgent & strong India that is a global superpower which is accommodative of all, and is a cosmopolitan beacon of democracy. We do so by reshaping India's software (transforming individual consciousness, public discourse, popular & social culture & education, as well as forging coalitions) and hardware (reforming policies, institutions & governance, as well as reordering India’s polity, economy & society).

SBF therefore works with India’s foremost academics, activists, professionals, the diaspora, policy makers across party lines as well as all progressive forces to:

Our Events

Samajik Nyay Sammelan

Samruddha Bharat Foundation organised a one-day Samajik Nyay Sammelan on the 24th of April in Jawahar Bhawan New Delhi.

Constitution and National Unity Convention – 2024

Samruddha Bharat Foundation, in collaboration with the Government of Karnataka, the National Law School of India and Institute of Social and Economic Change hosted a two-day international conference.

Book Discussion on Politics, Ethics and Emotions in 'New India

SBF's first book in the Reshaping India series with Routledge critically analysing how emotions shape politics and ideological proclivities..

Briefing on MG-NREGA

The Samruddha Bharat Foundation organised a briefing for Members of Parliament (MPs) in collaboration with NREGA Sangharsh Morcha, Peoples' Action for Employment Guarantee and Jan Sarokar.


"Rethinking India" series: SBF is spearheading Rethinking India, a 14 volume book series with Penguin India. Boasting of 140 of India’s best minds, these volumes reimagine current socio-economic and political paradigms to further India’s constitutional promise.

The series editors of the volume include Prof. Mridula Mukherjee, Dr. Syeda Hameed, Prof. Aakash Singh Rathore and Pushparaj Deshpande.


Media Coverage

About The Tryst

The Tryst is an independent bilingual (English and Hindi) opinion portal, which hosts regular opinion pieces, discussions and explanatory videos that aim to be disruptive and meaningful. The Tryst is guided by the constitutional values of liberty, equality, equity, fraternity, and justice. It strives to further progressive politics, and eventually act as India’s conscience keeper.

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