National Economy Conclave

Jawahar Bhawan in New Delhi

Organisers: The Samruddha Bharat Foundation and the Rajiv Gandhi Institute for Contemporary Studies organised a day-long National Economy Conclave that brought together politicians across party lines, experts and activists to discuss India’s socio-economic future.

  • State of India’s Economy Praveen Chakravarthy, Prof. ArunKumar, Prof. MaheshVyas, Dr.Yamini Aiyar (Moderator)

  • Addressing India’s Job Crisis Prof.Santosh Mehrotra, Gurdeep Sappal, Prof. Dilip Mandal, Vijay Mahajan (Moderator)

  • Restarting India’s Rural Economy Prof. Himanshu (Moderator), Indra Shekhar Singh, Dr.Mekhala Krishnamurthi, Nikhil Dey

  • TheAttack on India’s PSUsAditi Mehta (Moderator), Jawahar Sircar, Prof. Dinesh Abrol, CP Chandrasekhar

  • Understanding Youth Aspirations Anupam, Prof. Amit Thorat, Ruchira Chaturvedi, Pushparaj Deshpande (Moderator)

  • Keynote Address

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