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In meaningfully re-thinking social, economic and political paradigms to encourage a transformative spirit in India’s society and politics, Samruddha Bharat has established Samwaad, a national platform for upcoming scholars (PhD, MPhil and Independent) to present innovative/disruptive ideas emanating from their body of work to a diverse set of stakeholders, including political and social activists, academics and policymakers. These shall be filmed for wider dissemination through electronic media, while the research will be published in an online journal.


  • Creating a sustainable praxis between academics, activists, and policymakers;
  • Furthering new ideas to inform political and social activism, as well as policy;
  • Creating a platform for scholars and activists to disseminate their work through print, electronic and social media;
  • Striving to shape public discourse by propagating ideas that strive to safeguard and further the constitutional idea of India; required to submit a brief synopsis (upto 1200 words) of their work at least ten days prior to the presentation.

For Researchers

Step 1: Presenters will be required to submit a brief synopsis (upto 1200 words) of their work at least ten days prior to the presentation.
Step 2: These will be shortlisted by Samruddha Bharat based on their contemporary relevance and value addition to the sector. SBF will work closely with the presenters to ensure their presentation a) briefly outlines the historical trajectory of the sector they are working on; b) highlights the socio-economic and political developments in said sector in the last few years; and c) proposes solutions to address pressing challenges.
Step 3 (format): The presenters will make a short presentation (ten minutes) detailing the above mentioned. A panel comprising of a moderator, the presenter and a discussant (a subject matter academic/activist/policymakers) will have a 15 minute discussion followed by a Q&A session for 45 minutes. Swaraj Express may cover the same for future use.
Step 4: A short video interview (five mins) of the presenter would be conducted (preferably in Hindi) summarising the key findings of the panel. These will be updated on the community page Ideas for India, that will be under the aegis of SBF.
Step 5: Finally, the presenters would be expected to submit an amended version of the papers (1500-2000 words) that will be published in an accredited online quarterly journal that Samruddha Bharat is proposing to start.