Deepening Engagement with Diaspora

Samruddha Bharat has also established Bridge India, a sister organisation in the United Kingdom to constructively engage with the diaspora on various issues pertinent to their interests, and act as a bridge with India. Bridge India‚Äôs advisors include leading Indian diplomats, academics and entrepreneurs from the UK, and India. Bridge India will primarily: 

  • Provide a space for broad and open minded debate between academics, activists, corporate organisations and policymakers;
  • Champion the interests of the diaspora in the UK; 
  • Connect India watchers and diaspora to India.

Establishing organisations in countries with significant diaspora populations: Samruddha Bharat aims to establish sister organisations in each country where there is a significant diaspora population. These organisations will in turn establish city level chapters to continuously deepen engagement with the diaspora, and champion their interests with their respective governments.