Samruddha Bharat will be conducting a padyatra through five districts in western Maharashtra (Kolhapur, Sangli, Satara, Solapur, and Ratnagiri) starting from the tenth of June. Jan sunwais and focus group discussions will be conducted with multiple stakeholders in each assembly constituency. These will be interspersed with small interactions with prominent citizens and leaders in each district (Farmers, Dalits, Women, Minorities, OBC, Students, Writers etc.) and culminate into a state level event like the World Social Forum at the end of July.

This will help –

To highlight peoples’ issues by preparing assembly and stakeholder level manifestos that will be
submitted to candidates of secular parties.
• To create a positive, aspirational movement that can serve as a beacon for all Indians committed
to safeguarding and furthering the constitutional idea of India.
• To connect to, and mobilise secular, liberal and democratic forces at the district and booth levels.