Influencing Policy

In meaningfully re-thinking social, political and economic paradigms, Samruddha Bharat established numerous working groups consisting of India’s foremost academics, activists, technocrats, and policymakers across party lines. Extensive roundtable discussions, conclaves, and town-halls were conducted under the aegis of these working groups. 


  • The disruptive & innovative ideas emanating from the working groups Samruddha Bharat has established have shaped the Peoples’ Progressive Agenda for India, which is being proposed to serve as a blueprint for a common minimum agenda. These ideas have also been included in the party manifestos of numerous parties.   
  • Bharat, Ek Samwaad: A nationwide network of young scholars working on critical policy issues has been put together to discuss new ideas with politicians, policy makers, activists and academics.  
  • SBF strives to institutionalise the working groups it has established as centres with full time fellows and researchers, who would be mandated to develop a grand strategy for each sector i.e., where India should be heading towards in 2047, that is, by the time she turns 100.
  • SBF also organised close door briefings for senior policymakers across party lines to sensitise them to the nuances of diverse issues, and objectively present various choices to influence their decisions and thereby shape public discourse.