Forging Coalition of Peoples’ Movements

To ascertain the needs and aspirations of diverse stakeholders, to meaningfully shape public discourse, and to identify dynamic and conscientious activists who can be connected to the larger SBF family, Samruddha Bharat organised a series of jan samwaads and jan manches (citizen dialogues) across Telangana and Rajasthan in collaboration with various Civil Society Organisations (CSOs). 

SBF constructively engaged with elected panchayat leaders; Community leaders; Beneficiaries of government schemes; Organisers of self help groups; Farmers- large, medium and marginal holders; Youth professionals and those in the unorganised sector; Women- landless labourers, domestic workers, professionals and devadasis; Dalits- women, students, labourers, farmers, construction workers; Adivasis- women, students, labourers, farmers; Backward Classes; Minorities; TeachersPrimary School and University level; Slum dwellers.

These jan samwaads were televised by Hind Kisan, an online news channel focusing on rural issues, and Swaraj Express, a national television news channel.


  • Candidates of various parties engaged with citizens in a constructive dialogue on their issues, and on their vision for their respective districts. These jan samwaads therefore went a long way in empowering local communities in asserting their socio-economic and political issues with potential policymakers, and enabled them to make an informed choice in the assembly elections. 
  • Samruddha Bharat hopes to establish state level chapters throughout India in the next two years to continuously enhance engagement with peoples’ movements, and thereby shape policy formulation and to create a pan India coalition of like minded forces.